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About Us

Working hard to reduce the carbon emissions of the transport industry

Solar Powered Battery Swapping Stations

Zembo is leading the African transition to electric mobility. Based in Kampala, Uganda, we provide affordable (PayGo) electric two-wheelers to low-income motorcycle-taxi drivers, most known locally as “boda-boda ”drivers. We offer a battery swapping service to our clients, enabling to swap within minutes at any of our stations.

A Growing Industry

In Uganda, boda-bodas provide transportation for 60% of the population. In the country, more than 600,000 self-employed drivers are vulnerable to fuel price fluctuation. Zembo works hard to increase riders savings by reducing the expense on the fuel.

Promoting Gender Inclusion

Zembo is committed to being a gender inclusive organisation: 30% of the team are women and we actively empower female clients through training. The company strives hard to promote employability of both genders.

Our Environmental Impact

100 million tonnes of CO2 would be saved each year if all boda-bodas in the country were electric. With huge amounts of carbon being emitted into the environment, Zembo utilises solar power to create energy and in turn works hard to reducing these emissions to zero.

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